The classes happen in real time, either with a qualified native teacher, or with one who has spent a good deal of time in a country where the language being taught is spoken.
Considering the diversity of people’s needs these days, standard methods become extremely limiting. Consequently, our methods vary according to each student. Seek knowledge, applies different methods and didactical material according to our clients’ needs, learning background and future aspirations.
Also, the classes are dynamic and develop in time, based on students’ results and needs.

Advantages of studying with SeeKnowledge:
  • Individual and personalised classes are more productive
  • Personalised classes offer better results in shorter periods of time: no time is wasted!
  • Personalised classes focus only on what you want and need to learn
  • The student pays only for the classes he actually has and not for a period of time
  • A qualified teacher tracks the student’s progress and stays aware of their needs, from the beginning until the end of the learning process.
  • Everything is done according to your schedule
  • There are two options of classes: online or face-to-face