Anyone who has ever talked to a native knows that pronunciation is not a superfluous detail.
Your pronunciation is your business card. Often, a sentence that is grammatically correct will not be understood if it is spoken in a sloppy or confused. In other words, regardless of your accent, pronunciation makes a huge difference if you want to be clear and avoid. Unfortunately, many people ignore these points and try and communicate like this. Don´t let it be you! Lack of preparation not only affects your oral communication, it also interferes with your listening too.
In summary, many doors may open for you with only a few lessons focused on pronunciation.
The way you express yourself, organise your ideas and put your sentences together can also be transformed through writing.
The process of writing is when we organise our thoughts and work on key issues of the language. With practice, this has a positive effect on verbal communication too, where we need to organise our thoughts more quickly on our.
In the end, he who writes well speaks much better!