Online classes sprang out of a revolution in language teaching, along with the development of new technologies. SeeKnowledge decided to embrace everything the internet and the most modern software have to offer. The platform used by us makes use of a dedicated network for data transmission, sound and image, ensuring your comfort and optimising your experience. The online classes are not only conversational. The technology we use also provides areas for viewing the participants, chats and text notes. There is also an area for display, allowing us to share files, watch videos, listen to audio tapes and visualise websites together. The student may also interact with the screen etc. There are no limits! Everything is done to create the feeling that teacher and student are side by side, despite the physical distance. Besides the individual classes, there is a possibility to build small conversation groups. Everyone is able to visualise and listen to the other participants perfectly.The system works without the need to install the software onto your computer, iPad or tablet. By just accepting an invitation and you will be able to have your class on any computer, anywhere.

The required systems are: Windows XP/Vista/7/8 or Mac OS X. In addition, you need a webcam, a microphone, headphones and broadband Internet access.